Forgotten to Family: Marko’s Story

In late May, we took in a severely neglected dog named Marko.

Many of you generously donated towards his medical care while he remained in intensive care at Grady. He weighed only 8 pounds when he arrived at our foster family’s home and was still dealing with large open sores on his skin and paws from laying in his own urine. His former owner rarely let him out of his crate and he received very little attention or love in that home.

Marko was adopted straight from foster care in August and went to live in a home with a woman who has shown him nothing but love and kindness…and it shows. He’s now a happy well-adjusted little man who has seemingly put his past behind him.

He is now 15 pounds and thriving. This is why we do what we do, and why your donations are so important to us. Your contributions literally save lives! ???

Please help us so we can continue to help animals like Marko. Please consider a donation or sponsoring one of our furry friends, every little bit helps!