Sponsor for as little as $10 a month.

Your sponsorship provides crucial funding for food, housing, enrichment, and quality veterinary care for our shelter animals.

When you sponsor a cat room or a dog run, your name will be displayed on the room and/or run.

Below are just some of the animals at our shelter that could greatly benefit from a sponsorship!


Jesse was only a few days old when he was discovered in one of the rooms at the shelter. The volunteers who were closing up for the day noticed the cats in room 4 were very curious about something in the corner of the room. Upon entering, they were baffled to find a tiny orange kitten laying lifeless on a bed. They immediately grabbed him and warmed his little body while preparing a bottle of kitten milk to start hydrating and nourishing him. Meanwhile, the other volunteers tried to piece together the mystery of how he ended up inside the shelter. The best explanation was that a new volunteer had snuck him into the shelter in their pocket and left him in the room, to ensure that he would have a place where he was taken care of. Jesse has thrived during his time at HEARTT. He’s been adopted twice and returned both times because he could not acclimate to his new home. He yowled and carried on all hours of the day and night, prompting each of the families to conclude that he prefers shelter life. Jesse will always be loved and taken care of here at the shelter. This is his home.


Madison came to us a young adult pit. It was very obvious that she had been used for breeding purposes and had several litters during her young life. She also had cuts and scars on her from fighting. We had Madison spayed and after good care, her skin healed and her coat looked healthy. She is a very loving and gentle dog. The shelters are full of pit bulls and because of their reputation, many people do not want to adopt the breed.


Pawley is a FELV+ cat. He came to the shelter as a young adult and has been healthy ever since he came in. Feline leukemia cats do not get adopted very often. Since leukemia is highly contagious, they cannot be housed with negative cats. The life expectancy of a positive cat is also uncertain and people do not like getting attached to a cat then losing them prematurely. Pawley is one of the sweetest cats at the shelter!

Cat$10/month – pick as many months as you want OR $120/year
Dog$10/month – pick as many months as you want OR $120/year
Cat Room$250 / $400 / $500 – varies depending on the room
A plaque with your name will be mounted on the wall outside the room you are sponsoring
Dog Run$250
Your name will be placed on the run
Dog Yard$500
Your name will be placed on the fence

To Sponsor, please fill out the form below.

Once we receive your sponsorship request, we will send you a picture and bio of the animal you are sponsoring along with 1-12 payment coupons (depending on how many months you choose). Simply mail your contribution in every month with the payment coupon.

If you would like to come and visit the cat or dog you are sponsoring, contact us to make an appointment to meet them!



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