This poem holds a lot of meaning for us here at the HEARTT Animal Refuge. We know what a joy it is when one of those animals in our care gets to go to their “forever home”. And we also know these animals love unconditionally and become an important part of their new family. After a while, you do begin to wonder how you ever got along without them in your life!

“The Gift” by J.M. Berry
Eyes fearful,
paws worn
A sorrowful sight
So forlorn

Love they said
would be the cure
For the suffering
You had endured

So our family
grew that day
We brought you home
With us you’d stay

Slowly, gently
the bond it grew
Faithful, loyal
Loving, true
Looking back
it’s so unclear
How we got by
Without you here

Trusted companion,
devoted friend
You give and give
It never ends

They said we
were a gift to you
But now we know
Who rescued who